Canada Sexual and Indecent Acts Offences Lawyer

Sexual and indecent acts offences are a unique classification of criminal offences as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada. These types of offences often involve some form or act of a sexual nature. Keep in mind, for some of these offences, there may not be any form of actual sexual activity, but mere the suggestion of it. Some of the more common sexual and indecent acts offences are:

  • Prostitution Offences: Communicating for the purpose of or living off the avails of prostitution.
  • Child Pornography Offenses: Possessing, making, accessing or distributing child pornography.
  • Under Age Offences: Sexual touching or sexual interference of a person under age 16.
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Nudity
  • Internet Luringv
  • Indecent Exhibition
  • Indecent Acts
  • Interfering with a Dead Body
  • Sexual Assault Offences: Sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, sexual assault causing bodily harm, and aggravated sexual assault.
  • Indecent Telephone Calls
  • Procuring for Illicit Sexual Purposes

Gracia, sexual and indecent acts offences lawyer in Canada, has represented clients facing these and other types of sexual and/or indecent acts offences. Gracia uses his expertise and knowledge to look for weaknesses in the Crown’s case, as well as confirms his clients’ rights were not violated in any manner while building their strong, strategic defence to their charges.

Gracia cautions people from filing sexual assault offences as a means to attempt to resolve domestic disputes. He has seen first-hand where one person in a relationship has claimed sexual assault against the other. The police have investigated and the Crown has filed charges against the other person. But, now the person, who originally filed the complaint, wants to withdraw their charges. However, once the complaint has been filed with the police, there is nothing a complainant can do to have them dismissed. Now, their partner must have the matter resolved through the court system.

Sentencing guidelines used by the courts for people found guilty of sexual and indecent acts offences depends largely upon the offense. In most cases, the person is required to register as a sexual offender. Many offences carry with them a mandatory period of incarceration in prison, such as a minimum of three years for a first offence for serious sexual assault or a minimum of one year for each child pornography charge. Being charged with a sexual and/or indecent acts crime should be considered serious due to the severe sentencing guidelines and impacts it can have on your life and livelihood.

If you or a loved one is charged, you need Canada sexual and indecent acts offenses lawyer, Gracia. Gracia works in his clients best interests, protects their rights, and obtain the best possible results for them. To see how he has helped other clients facing sexual and indecent acts charges, review the “Results” section of the website.