Canada Statutory and Regulatory Violations Lawyer

Statutory and regulatory violations are special types of offences where the accused has violated provincial laws. Most of these offences carry with them penalties in the form of fines. Offenders are normally issued a ticket for violating the act or regulation, like speeding or failing to stop at a red light. Jail time is only considered in cases where the charges are much more serious. Many statutory and regulatory violations are not recorded onto a person’s permanent criminal record, but some other less serious record, like violations of the Traffic Safety Act being recorded against a person’s driver’s license.

Statutory and regulatory violations are defined by the Provincial Acts and Regulations of Alberta and include:

  • The Petty Trespass Act
  • The Gaming and Liquor Act
  • The Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
  • The Emergency Protection Act
  • The Railway Safety Act
  • The Traffic Safety Act
  • The Fair Trading Act
  • The Workers Compensation Act
  • The Rules of the Road Regulation
  • The Protection Against Family Violence Act

If you are facing one of these offences as part of or along with some other criminal charge, the best defence for statutory and regulatory offences is to retain the services of Gracia, statutory and regulatory violations lawyer in Canada. Mr. Gracia represents clients facing provincial offences, so long as they are part of the information, or formal charges for other criminal offences, like drinking and driving offences. Keep in mind the accused is normally issued separate tickets for each statutory and regulatory violation. It is your responsibility to request Mr. Gracia represents your interests on each ticket, in addition to your other criminal charges.

Canada statutory and regulatory violations lawyer, Gracia, works tirelessly in his clients’ best interests to resolve provincial offences. He has successfully negotiated with the Crown to have statutory and regulatory offences dismissed or had his clients’ more serious charges dismissed in exchange for the lesser charge of statutory and regulatory offences. For instance, in one case, Mr. Gracia was able to have impaired driving charges dismissed if his client agreed to being issued a ticket for careless driving and pleading guilty to that ticket. In this case, the client only had to pay the fine for the ticket and was able to avoid a potential criminal conviction, where the charges would have been recorded on the client’s permanent criminal record and the client could have been imprisoned.

Gracia is fully dedicated to each and every client and helping them obtain the best results possible, based upon their criminal charges. Feel free to review the “Results” section of the website to see how he has successfully helped prior clients with their cases.